How to install Windows 7 (Part C Last thing you need to know about installing windows 7)

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Step*7 Begin installation
If you’re comfortable with your setup, highlight the created partition and click Next.Now you windows will start installing its files. Windows 7 will be installed to this partition. Depending on your hardware, this can take some time.Grab a cup of coffee and wait for a few minutes while it install.During the installation, your computer may restart several times. Let it be. During this process don’t plug in or off your device. It might cause interruption and you might loose your data and have to begin the process all over again.

Step*8 User settings
Eventually, you will be asked to provide your username and a computer name. You will also have to password-protect your account. This is most advisable. You should opt for a strong password.

Step*9 Window 7 Activation
In this step you have to activate your windows. Simply look at the back of your Windows CD/DVD cover there will be a PRODUCT KEY. Add this key into your PC and Click ‘NEXT’.If you dont have a key,i can tell you a way to get one online.It is very easy that you even dont need to walk out to the store.You just need to pay the bill online and get you key to active your windows 7.
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Step*9 Updates
You will be asked to configure your updates. You can choose either setting you like. However, I recommend you configure this choice later, after Windows 7 is installed and running properly.We will discuss this separately in the Windows 7 security tutorial. Therefore, I will choose Ask me later, but you may want to go for either the first or the second option, as you see fit.


Step*10 Now you have Installed you windows. Give the desired information the Windows Step guide will ask, like Time Zone, Update Timing and Your Computers location. There are three types of location. ‘WORK’, ‘PUBLIC’ and ‘HOME’. Select on anyone of the them according to your location. It only add sharing security according to your location.



Congratulations, you have just successfully installed Windows 7.


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