How To Create Bootable USB Flash Drive By Using UltraISO For Windows 7 Installation

Today I wanna show you guys the most easiest method for:How To  Create Bootable USB Flash Drive By Using UltraISO  For Windows 7 Installation.

There are not only many ways to install Windows 7 Operating system you can search on the Internet,but also there are many tools you could possibly use to install your Windows 7 Operating system.For examples,the two most popular ways for you to choose before you install your Windows 7 are by Flash drives and  USB as they are  known widely.And USB is the way I am gonna use to show you today,which is more and more popular as it continues to increase in portability and memory capacity. Most importantly, they can even be used for booting a PC and installing Windows 7 on it.


That makes it effective and convenient for people to use.On the other hand,I will let you know about the tools,such as Rufus, WinToBootic, WinUSB Maker ,UltraISO and so on.They have similar working principle UltraISO is which I choose to show you because it is easy to learn.

1. UltraISO Software Overview

OK,then let’s know about UltraISO.
UltraISO:A software is available for users to create and burn ISO files and to make USB bootable to install windows 7 or 8 on your PC.

tips:Even though UltraISO is a paid software, you can download the free 30-day trial version to make your USB bootable.

2. Preparation

(1)First of all you need to have ultraISO installed, if you don’t have it click on below button for download.


(2)A Window 7 bootable ISO image,if you dont have one either,check my blog,where you can find all editions of Windows 7 ISO to download.
(3)  A USB with enough room.

3.Step-by-Step with images

(1)Install and run UltraISO, click “File” menu under “Open” button to open the ISO image file has been prepared
Tips:Even though UltraISO is a paid software, you can download the free 30-day trial version to make your USB bootable.


(2)Then here is the USB disk burning process by clicking “Bootable” and choose “Write Disk Image” on the menu bar, , then select the USB drive from the Disk Drive selector. Set the Write Method as “USB-HDD+” and click “Format”, then choose “Start” to confirm. There are also USB-HDD, USB-ZIP, USB-ZIP + for you to choose, totally depending on your motherboard.

Tips: any data stored on the flash drive will be lost once you click “Start”,please save your data before you do this.


(3)After formatting of the USB drive , click “Write” and then “Yes”. UltraISO will then proceed to create a bootable USB drive. When the writing is finished, you will see  successful message .This process may take several minutes, depending on the specifications of your computer.Then Close UltraISO software and connect your USB to a machine to start installing Windows.



So far, you have  successfully create the Bootable USB Flash Drive By Using UltraISO, set your USB as the first boot entry in the CMOS, keep your USB the same type  before and after, like USB-HDD or USB-ZIP. What’s more, you can use this way to start the installation of various systems. The USB after burning  still has the same function as the original, read and write, and with a additional function to boot.

If you like it ,and want to know about  how to install Windows 7 ,please check here.

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